We always live among the seasons.

Continuously. But, every year, when the first light pink flower bloom on the bare branches, it is being surprised.

And the next season? The warm weather, the empty town, the smell of the sea.

This year I feel luckier than ever.

I believed to know about the autumn and the cold winter, when there was ten degrees and I thought that the radiators didn’t work.

12243458_10207356713183414_2540513545033903655_n12575849_10207775237166252_1503927719_nBut here, here, those warm, vivid and strong colors.

The park, the paths are full to the brim with leaves, leaves with different shades of red, yellow, brown and still leaves fall down softly meanwhile I walk. 12596124_10207775234006173_434124081_nMy new favourite season, no doubt!


Yes! We walk among the seasons, over and over again.

But which of these we live intensely?

We are often absent-minded.


When I arrived in Szczecin it was still winter, bitter cold were my hands and the tip of my nose.

The city was every day gloomy and without rays of sunshine.

To habit myself to stay there I took on many time, and it is strange. In general it is simple to get used to things and people.
Maybe I only had to put a point to a rhetoric without any sense.

The summer of course in Italy, in my region: Calabria!
Very hot weather, hospitality, a lovely hug, sleeping together and the sky with stars by the seaside, the nice sound of the naive small waves.
I will never stop to love my territory.
I can continue to travel and to discover new things in the world, but let’s look at my Calabria.- Let’s look at it!
After all, Summer is my favourite seasons since when I was child!

12553082_10207764086647496_5539023544844179535_nNow it is Winter, and I can feel it till my bones.
Finally I’m going to use my aprè-sky boots, that maybe I used only once, and I will wear at least ten warm socks.
White, around me I can see only white!

I cannot believe it. It snowed one week ago, when I was enchant behind the window like a child and I saw  the snow falls down from the white sky.  And all around me is still completely white.

The snow on the bare branches is almost spring-like flowers.

There are the stalactite at the windows, at the street lights, at the handles of the doors.         

 12573163_10207764087447516_2513689249852105060_n I am in a fairy-tale world!

It is so nice to enter in the season, really.
Minus sixteen degrees. It can be scary, maybe.
January is Winter, finally!
-Oh, this is such a beautiful season. My favourite one!



From here, how it will be beautiful to discover the Spring?
To hear the tweeting of the first swallow, the fresh green leaves on the trees, the fist warm rays of sunshine, colourful flowers everywhere in the fields and at the sides’ street, at the balconies of the elderly lady .
Season of awakening!
-Oh yeah, Spring is the season that I like the most!

Perhaps I didn’t want to sound saying that every season is my favourite.
The truth is that I believed to know every season, when I tried to draw it when I was seven at the desks in the elementary school.

Thank you Bucharest.



(Two autumn pictures are of the photographer who I always follow on fb cause his photos are the best for me! Vlad Eftenie https://www.facebook.com/vlad.eftenie?fref=ts )

Viaggiare dentro me e nel mondo. Scoprire, imparare. Ogni mia riflessione e ogni mio stato d’animo fa riferimento a tutto ciò che di natura mi circonda: mare, monti, stagioni e i loro colori. L’alba dove tutto inizia e il tramonto dove tutto finisce. Credo nella legge dell’attrazione, perciò don’t worry, be happy!

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